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 Rules of the Site. READ IF HAVEN'T.

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The Ama

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PostSubject: Rules of the Site. READ IF HAVEN'T.   Fri Oct 24, 2008 8:03 pm

Rules of this Forum.

2. You are not to spam. Spamming is when you make useless, senseless posts that are only a couple words long. These posts will be deleted. You spam to a point it is intolerable, you will be banned for a number of days. ^^
Spamming includes posts like: wtf? Omg, lol, smiles.
Also, if you double-post, delete those posts please. ^^

3. Please don’t flame people. Just because on may have a different viewpoint, doesn’t mean you can flame them.. Flaming will result in a ban. Flaming includes insults towards a member, abusive language, ect.

4. No making advertisement threads. I understand people would like to advertise there own forum, but please advertise what you want to advertise in your signature. ^^

5. Nothing inappropriate! This includes pictures with nudity, porn, and racist comments.

6. If you make a post that contains spoilers, make sure to use a spoiler tag. Also use the spoiler take when posting up a picture. No body wants to be scrolling down very long to get to the bottom of the page.

7. Do not create a thread that is already exsisting. This thread will be deleted.

Faliure to follow these rules to a point of intolerableness will result in ban. ^^ Thanks for reading and joining the Igloo.

-Maximun size for avatar is 150x200
-You could choose an avatar from the gallery.
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Rules of the Site. READ IF HAVEN'T.
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