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 Ochi Story (a bleach fanfiction)

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PostSubject: Ochi Story (a bleach fanfiction)   Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:34 am

So, I've been writing a Bleach themed fanfiction called, "Ochi Story", if you haven't heard about me spamming about it before. Anyways, since there's a fanfiction section in this new forum, I decided I wanted to upload the chapters here too along with fanfiction.net . What is this fanfiction about? It's probably taking place in an alternate universe where everything I made up is happening.

The main character is a side character from Bleach. Ochi Misato, who's the highschool teacher for the main character students. I wanted to write a story from her point of view because I thought it would be fun. The current version of Ochi Story that I continued with is the 4th version of it. The other 3 versions varied with different love interests, storyline, and even storylength. This story also takes place during 2006.

There is coupling in this fanfiction. There is one and half chapters so far that contain Lemon. If the romance and thought process of the main character seems immature, it's because I am 15 years old in my heart. And it means I'll have comical trouble with men in real life. Which has already occurred, but please don't let that be a bias while reading.


Chapter 1

"Thank you for everything, Principal Komyogi." I said with a small smile while giving a small bow. Faint yellow light and shadow covered the stern man's face. He adjusted his glasses and sat back in his chair. He turned his attention to the numerous bookshelves in the room, along with the picture frames lined up on the walls.

"Miss Ochi sensei, I wish you the best of luck for your future." The principal said while giving a nod from his desk.

I rode the bus to Yodogawa-ku, and walked to Shin-Osaka with my medium size suitcase rolling beside me. I was to go back to Karakura town to take a full time teaching job over there. The High school even paid for my Shinkansen ticket. It wasn't the Nozomi train, but the Hikari trains were still pretty fast. I found myself seating in the 4 car, by the window. The train left on schedule at 5 minutes after noon. I pulled out the letter that was sent to me from Karakura High school.

It was a place I attended when I was a teenager. It's been so long since I graduated from there. I remember being accepted at the University of Osaka during my senior year. I couldn't wait to move away. But now, I can only feel nostalgia when thinking about walking the streets that led to my house. That's where I'm going back to, my parent's house. I selfishly left my parent's house in the care of my best friend's family. My best friend, Kobayashi Keiko moved back to Karakura too, a few months ago.

Even the end of February had short days, it was getting dark when I arrived at the last stop. I took a short train ride, then a bus that stopped near the street my house was on. I wandered around my neighborhood, breathing deeply to fill my lungs with the late winter air. It was a wonderful feeling. Although I feel that I miss my life in Osaka very much, I believe moving back here was the best choice.

"I was surprised." I said while eating breakfast. When I arrived back at my old home, it was absolutely well kept. "Your mom is amazing, Keiko-chan."

"What can I say? I was away for years too. And my brother already got married. I guess she had the time to visit your house once a week. You did give her a key." Keiko said as she drank her bottled oolong tea. Her hair seemed to be a lighter shade of brown than what I originally remembered.

"I really need to repay her, and your dad too." I said as I wiped my mouth.

"Don't worry about it. This was your parent's house, wasn't it? My parents and your parents were always friends. Visiting this house, helps them feel closer to your parents. They always told me that." Keiko spoke with a reassuring tone.

"I wonder what they would say now." I mumbled with a darkened expression.

"They'd say, wow our daughter is already 157 cm tall!". Keiko stated with false excitement.

"158 cm tall." I corrected her while touching the top of my head.

I suppose it didn't really take long for things to get back to normal for me. It was only a few weeks ago I was living in a tiny room with a small bathroom. My old house felt so spacious. I didn't have to work until the first week of April. The Sakura trees in Karakura town were already blooming into spring. I walked down across the street to a supermarket that was open. They were having many items on sale.

I have 10,000 Yen to spend. This is a very big deal. I need to buy: eggs, bread, several cans of canned meat, a small bag of rice, economy sized soy sauce, box of instant noodles, pepper, milk, a giant bottle of multivitamins, and other things that need to last me 2 weeks at a time. I won't even see a paycheck til the end of April, and rookie teachers like me don't get paid much yet.

I suppose if I had a kid they'd pay someone like me more. But small kids are troublesome. I wouldn't be able to handle any of them. But how could I even have a kid? I'm not married, or boyfriendly active. I've had Omiais in the past (most recent one Jan 6, 2006) but they all, weren't, up to my standards. But the truth about that between you and me, I was politely rejected three times.

Something like, "Oh Ochi-san, you are such lovely a person, but I don't feel that I'm ready to commit to anything with you. But I hope you keep in touch with me in the future because I'm full of shit." That's how most Omiais go anyway. But really, that last one though, I thought it was for sure the guy was falling for me.

There was a way he looked into my eyes when he placed his arms around me. Or how he'd place his warm hand on my back while we were walking together. We even, kissed. I remember our first date, it was at the beginning of December. The 3rd. And we talked on the phone a couple times before Christmas. Our 2nd date was 'Lover's day', the 25th, and we spent that whole day together wandering around Osaka, eating sweets and walking under the street lights.

Our third meeting, was New Year's day. I had Keiko's mom mail me my mom's old Furisode just so I could wear it for that occasion. Maybe it was a little too formal to wear such a thing. But, he didn't seem to mind it. He looked, happy if I recall correctly when he came to pick me up that morning. I made my New Year's wish for happiness with love as he stood behind me. And that night, he took me to visit his apartment. After I escaped my Furisode of course, can't were that thing for too long.

If you have Keiko's imagination, I'll tell you now, that did not happen. Even though he ended up rejecting me, he was still truly a gentleman. He just wrapped me up in a big blanket, and we sat near the large window of his apartment, talking for hours. He had a very nice apartment, it looked like a rich family could live there comfortably, but he lived there all by himself. It smelt like him. Just this rich cologne smell that was sweet and not overpowering. I ended falling asleep in his arms. The last time I saw him was on the 6th, a few days after New Year's. And I didn't think anything was wrong. Nothing was wrong, we were together sharing a growing affection for each other. He said he was leaving for America for business for a few weeks, but was looking forward to coming back to Japan. A week after that, I got a letter from the Love Company (the Omiai arrangement folks) telling me, how much I was truly admired by him.

Truly admired is just a different way to say, you're totally rejected. That's fine, that was totally fine. Because I also got another letter. A letter from my home town, my old high school Karakura offering me a job a teacher for first year students. I loved living in Osaka though, and working at Mizuhiro High school. But everything happens for a reason, doesn't it? I wouldn't have taken this job if I was still waiting for that man to come back.

I was really stupid, or maybe it was the holidays that took place during the time, but I really fell for him. And even though it's been so many weeks since I last spoke to him, I still think about him, a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: Ochi Story (a bleach fanfiction)   Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:42 am

Chapter 2

"Where is my teaching assisant?" I said while standing in the hallway near my classroom. He's freaking late! Class is going to start in a few minutes.

"Bad news, Ochi-chan!" The principal squealed in a high pitched voice (yes he talks like that!) while walking towards me. "Doi-chan was hit by a car while he was on his way here this morning." He wiped a tear from his eye and painfully said, "He probably will be out for ten days until his leg heals."

"How... unfortunate." I said, pretending to be filled with concern. If an idiot chooses to walk in front of a speeding car, I shouldn't deal out any sympathy.

I pulled out my class list for Class 1-3. My teaching assistant really is named Doi, Doi Takeshi. I wonder if we'll get along. Probably not. It was a little after 8 o'clock with most of the students were gathered in the room. Some of them were already friends from middleschool, while others didn't know anybody in class and attempted to talk to the small groups that were forming in the classroom.

And there were 3 boys, quietly sitting at their desks. One had bright orange hair, and some bandaids on his face. One was a dark skinned young man who happened to be a giant! And the other, just sitting and reading a book to himself, not noticing anything else in the room, looked like a stuck up nerd. I think, out of all of the kids in this class, I may get along with him the least. Well, doesn't look like there will be any major trouble makers. And.. that dark orange haired girl has really giant boobs! Is she really a student? Is she still in her growing phase? Her mouth is hanging open! So uncool!

"Okay class! Take your seats. Be careful with choosing your seats because it's going to be permenant for the rest of the year." I said with a strict caution that got the students scrambling to try and sit by their friends.

I pulled out my attendance book, with the little grid that matched all of the desks in the room.

"Please raise your hand when I say your name. That way I'll get to learn your names quickly, and the other students can learn your name too. Okay let's start with, Arisawa Tatsuki."


There was something slightly wonderful about the teacher's lounge. Maybe it's the free coffee in there, or the mini microwave. But it was a surprisingly nice place to relax in the middle of the day. It never happened in Osaka before, but I felt so nervous standing up in front of my class. Maybe because they're my students and I'm directly responsible for their current high school lives. I wonder if any of them will walk up to me and ask me for advice. Like questions about love, or what they want to do in life. Like, "Ochi-sensei, you are a pro when it comes to relationships between boys and girls. Tell me your secrets Sensei!"

"My secrets? Well first you have to try your best. And if you get rejected by a letter, you copied my style completely." I said outloud, unaware the other teachers around me.

Finally one teacher sitting in the lounge looked at me and said, "An Omiai, huh?"

"I'm still recovering from the disappointment." I said with a darkened expression.

"I could introduce you to somebody if you're still looking." She said with a wide smile. Her hair was obviously dyed red and her face was covered with heavy make up. She looked like she was in her late 30s.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." I said with a weak attempt to change the subject.

"Harugiri Hitomi, 3rd year teacher of class 3-2." She said while making a hand motion at herself.

"Nice to meet you Harugiri-san, my name is Ochi Misato." I introduced myself politely.

"I know your name, Ochi." She bluntly said as she walked over to sit by my side. "Listen, if you're looking for a single guy, the kind of guy you're gonna marry, I'll send some your way."

"I don't, really think 'that's-" I tried to squeeze out!

"Come on, one date! She cut me off in speech, "You'll know, you'll know just by looking at them once."

"How.. do you know these guys?" I asked as I tilted my head.

"They're my exes. But I can tell that they would be very interested in your. Your soft young skin, innocent face..." She said has she examined my face with her hands.

"Harugiri-san, I need to-go! BYE-BYE!" I said as I quickly exited the teacher's lounge. I don't even remember her teaching here, ever! How can someone like her be a teacher?

The end of the first day at school ended peacefully. I completely avoided Harugiri when I saw her from a distance in the halls. So scary! Trying to set me up with her exes. Is she a pimp or something!?

"Keiko-chan." I spoke with a wavering voice.

"Misa-chan! Did something bad happen at work?" Keiko asked.

"There's this creepy teacher there named, Harugiri who touched my face and told me she'd introduce me to her exes." I said with this 'I need to barf' feeling boiling up in my stomach.

"Misato." Keiko said with a low tone. "There was a teacher named Harugiri that used to work at Karakura high school, but she died while we were still 1st years."

"EHHHHHHH!?" I screamed in the middle of the street. "D-D-Died?! I talked to a ghost!?"

"I'm just kidding. Hahahaha!" Keiko skipped with delight as she walked ahead of me.

"Don't joke around like that!" I whimpered. "You know I hate ghost stories."

"Alright, let's eat, I'm starving!" Keiko said as she pointed out a restaurant she wanted to eat at.

I sat in on my bed, looking at the grid in my attendance book. So many names, how could I possibly remember them all? Well, I already do know a few of them that stand out. Like that oranged haired kid named Kurosaki Ichigo. And that big boobed girl named Inoue Orihime, or that stuck up nerd named Ishida Uryuu. That one giant is named Sato, but I heard other students calling him, 'Chad'.

I took my bath and changed into my pajamas. I stared out my window and felt a sad feeling that paralyzed my body. I still miss that guy very much afterall. I cradled my large pillow in my arms and wondered what made him change his mind about me. Was it the sudden distance that he felt when he went to America? Or did he think that I wasn't good enough for him? He is very rich, and I'm just a rookie high school teacher was was living off each paycheck. I do have some savings, but it did not compare to any of his wealth. Thinking about all of this is damaging to my brain. I know it. But I'm not giving up on finding love, I'm not a total loser. Tomorrow, I'm going to go out and find the man that's going to make me happy, marry me, and father my small kid so I can get paid more!
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PostSubject: Re: Ochi Story (a bleach fanfiction)   Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:02 pm

Chapter 3: Walk with Me

Once again, Karakura Town was saved from the clutches of evil! I imagined in my mind. The school day seemed long, and teaching was draining more of my energy than expected. I exited the school in the late afternoon. There were still a few students that were hovering around, probably with clubs open. I bought some snack items from the Everyday Mart, and headed home.


A hard object hit the right side of my head as I fell to the ground. All I could make was a "ugh" sound as I heard some yelling nearby.

"You hit her!" I heard a male voice say.

"You shouldn't have ducked! You wimp!" Another voice said angryly.

I could hear what sounded like a fight going on. I tried to get to my feet, but the pain was overwhelming my ability to move. Just when I thought today was a good day. The fighting in the distance stopped, and I tried to roll onto my back.

"Are you alright?" A young man said as he lifted me up.

"..my head..hurts.." I winced with my eyes closed.

"Sorry about that, there are a lot of jerks in this town." He said under his breath.


"Don't worry, my dad owns a clinic, it's not too far from here."

The voice was familiar, but serious sounding. I felt him walking with me in his arms. I opened my eyes, and behold! My student?

"Kuro...saki?" I said weakly while trying to adjust myself in his arms.

"Sensei, don't worry, we're almost there." He said in a reassuring voice.

He brought me to his home, the local Kurosaki Clinic. It was a small clinic, but they were well equipped with painkillers and bandages.

"There you go, you should be all set with this." Isshin said while tightening the bandages on my head.

"Yes.. thank you, Mr. Kurosaki." I bowed.

"No need to be so formal, please call me Isshin-chi" He said without hesitation.

"I really couldn't do that.." I started to say.

"Oh why not? You're like family now!" He said excitedly.

"Dad!" Ichigo shouted. "She's my teacher, not a family friend! And you're scaring her and making a bad impression on me. I already have enough trouble already with what people think of me!"

"Scaring her off?" Isshin said angrily. "Listen Son, I may look like an average guy to you, I'm your father after all. But you've never brought home a girlfriend, so I don't think you should be lecturing me about how I can talk to a woman."

Ichigo's face turned bright red! He clenched his fists and said, "Gwah! Gehh! Mnnn! Aggh!"

Was that even a language? I thought to myself. I bowed and collected my things. Isshin, Kurosaki's father gave me some extra bandages and a free bottle of pain killers. Just as I was exiting the clinic, Kurosaki Ichigo stopped me.

"My dad, asked me to walk you home." Kurosaki spoke with a small hint of blush on his cheeks.

"Oh, he doesn't need to worry about me." I chuckled nervously. "I only suffered a head injury, I should be fine."

"I can't let you go by yourself, Ochi sensei." Kurosaki stammered. "I mean, I wouldn't feel right. It wouldn't feel right."

Kurosaki broke his eye contact with me. He looked off into the distance and said, "I would feel better, if I could walk you home."

My student walked by my side, sometimes grabbing hold of my left arm to make sure I didn't walk into any telephone poles or other object. Admittedly, my vision had gotten a bit blurry. It was a little strange for me, since I'm not used to treatment from well, the male side of the population. I managed to make it home safely and thanked him.

"I'm glad your not mad, but I really can't be thanked. It was my fault you got hit." Kurosaki said in a cool sounding voice.

"I thought it was the guy who threw the bottle that hit my head's fault." I said quickly. "Beside, you took responsibility after I got hurt, and rescued me!"

Kurosaki stepped back one step with a heavy blush, "It wasn't like that! I was- it was something anyone would have done!"

"Okay, okay." I hummed and decided to go back to 'teacher mode,. "Even if I took some of your time today, I won't go easy on you tomorrow if you neglect your homework."


A lot of interesting things have happened in the past month. Although I learned the names of most of my students, I really don’t have much fondness of any of them. They act like they’re better than me or ignore me altogether. Am I really that boring of a person? I do my best these days, and I’m still not garnering any attention from anyone.

Even two of Harugiri’s exboyfriends found me boring. Of course they weren’t realistic options for me, being nearly twice my age and all, but it was them who found me boring! It’s not like I shared a common interest with them. It was a karaoke date with the two of them at the same time and I knew things were going to go well from the getgo. They spent more time singing old songs from before I was born than talking to me.

The both of those middle aged men weren’t like the one I liked at all! In fact, from my experiences with them and this one guy Keiko tried to set me up with, it made me like that man even more. I dream about his face, his voice calling out to me, asking where I had gone. I wanted to pick up my phone and call him right away. Not knowing if he was awake, or asleep somewhere. I held my cell phone in my hands, staring at his number on my phone screen.

I sat and listened to the 3 voice messages he left me. Oh boy, I sound like an obsessive exgirlfriend acting like this. I wonder if I can ask my students for ‘love advice’. They probably know more about it than me. My heart has really been broken. I can’t suddenly fix this sad feeling with hoping to suddenly fall in love with someone else. Especially not, no! He's my student! I can't have that kind of crush! It’s impossible!


“Ochi-chan, please come into my office.” The principal said from down the hall.

I entered his office to see a young student that was standing in his office. Her eyes were hugemungous. He smiled and said, “Ochi-chan, this is going to be your student. She just transferred here from the North.”

The North? North Japan?

“Hello, my name is Kuchiki Rukia.” She said with a tone of false politeness.

“Kuchiki..?” I said under my breath. That name, sounded so familiar. I’m sure I heard it before. My head started to hurt, and I felt some dizzyness. I could here the words of a man echoing in my mind. ‘Captain Kuchiki! Captain Kuchiki! We have a survivor!’ It sounded so loud, my body felt hurt all over.

“Sensei, is something wrong?” Rukia’s voice brought me back to reality.

“No, it’s nothing.” I said with a wince. “Let me show you to class, Kuchiki.”

She followed me, while maintaining a smile on her face. I opened the door to Class 1-3 and popped my head inside.

“Sorry for coming a little late guys, but I have a surprise for you all.” I said nervously. “We have a new transfer student! Please come in, Kuchiki!”

Rukia stepped into the classroom with a bounce. She stood in front of the class, not breaking her smile.

“Hello,” She said. It was the exact same, ‘Hello’ she said to me! It sounds so fake! “My name is Kuchiki Rukia, and I moved her for personal family reasons that I will never discuss! He he he!”

Personal family reasons she will never discuss? That shuts the door on ‘moved here from the North’. Whatever, I don’t really care about the personal lives of students anyway.

“Ok time for English Vocabulary. Get ready to take notes.” I commanded as Rukia took her seat. She sat in the empty desk that was next to Kurosaki’s desk. I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out that a girl that acts fake sits next to him.

“Ochi-sensei,” The front office lady could be heard over the intercom, “please report to the front office.”

I put down the chalk in my hand and left the classroom. If I have anymore interruptions, my students aren’t going to learn anything. I headed down the long hallway and walked down the stairs. I walked into the office were a phone was handed to me. Is this serious?

“Hello?” I said while waiting for a reply.

“Is this Ochi-sensei? This is Kurosaki Isshin. I’m calling to tell you that my boy is going to be a little late.” A rough male voice spoke over the phone.

“Kurosaki, a little late? Does he have a dentist appointment?” I asked expecting a typical answer.

“No, nothing like that. It’s just what happened last night. There was a truck that hit our house. He stayed to help clean up some of the mess.” Isshin said with a comical tone in his voice.

“Are you guys okay? None of you are hurt, are you?” I asked frantically while shaking the phone.

“No-no,” Isshin spoke as if it was no big deal, “we all sleep in the second floor, the truck only hit the first floor. Though it’s a bit strange none of us heard the truck hit.”

“That is strange, but that must mean your family gets some good sleep at night.” I said the best comment I could make.

“We sure do. Anyway, my boy is already on his way to school. You should see him soon.” Isshin said with a relaxed tone. He’s so easy going!

“Thank you for calling, Kurosaki-san.”

“Please! Call me Isshin-chi!” He pleaded.

“I can’t do that!” I felt some annoyance as I spoke.


It seemed that the transfer student, Kuchiki already made friends in the class. Though they didn’t seem to notice the fake attitude she was spinning. I guess that’s the difference between high schoolers and an adult like me. Kurosaki seemed annoyed with her though. Guess he’s smarter than I thought. Kurosaki disappeared before the end of the school day. So did Kuchiki but maybe she was checking out the school grounds. A new school in a new town must be exciting.

When I was walking home, I noticed a strange blond haired man that was near the area of the school. A pervert perhaps? He was dressed in old style clothing wearing a green kimono, a green and while bucket hat, and wooden clogs. He had a strange stare that was dark and mysterious. And at that the same time, he sort of looked like an idiot you’d see from a TV show that tried to act cool but ended up making a fool of himself. But this guy didn’t have that kind of aura. In fact, this guy seems a little dangerous.

I tried to clear the thoughts of the man in green from my mind, but there was something about him that made me worried about his presence. I had eggs, canned meat and rice for dinner. Although it was a cheap dinner at home, it was delicious. I called Keiko about the strange man I saw, and she asked me if I was finally moving on. I told her there was no way that I was feeling any love for a creepy stranger.

“There’s only one man I love, Keiko.” I said with a heartwarming tone.

“How many months has it been? And why don’t you tell him? You still have his number.”

“And do something that pointless? I can’t. It wouldn’t make sense anymore.” I said with a sad tone. “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to close my heart to him. I’m definitely forgetting about him!”

“Uh huh.” Keiko hummed.
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PostSubject: Re: Ochi Story (a bleach fanfiction)   

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Ochi Story (a bleach fanfiction)
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